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[01-19, 7:05 PM] Chris
: I would like to remind everyone who wants to make a module or style for Azer CMS that we do offer hosting for you.
[01-19, 1:48 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 15% on your favorite styles today!

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Posted 09-02-17, at 9:33 AM.

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paypal don't work !
how to fix ipn for new paypal
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Posted 09-02-17, at 12:22 PM.
"PayPal don't work !" doesn't really describe what's going on. What doesn't work? Are you getting any errors whatsoever? I don't really know what you expect for me to do without getting any information from you on the situation.


User contacted over Discord. Does not appear to be an issue we can resolve, will attempt to stay in contact to ensure that we update the IPN Script if need-be.

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