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[01-19, 7:05 PM] Chris
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Blank page after Install v3.1.4
Posted 07-31-17, at 1:07 AM.

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I just tried to install my first azer-cms on my server
But after install I only get n blank page (I used the wampserver), when I refresh I get the following

Thank you for choosing Azer CMS. To finish your install, delete the install folder, and click the Home button on the menu above.
Staff ID: {module.step_3.staff_id} (Keep this safe!)

Also after install, it asks me to install again

Then I tried to use the apache that came with my wow repack.

The install succeeded I did get a Staff ID BUT nothing else happens when I click on Home.
Currently I now have wamp installed, a brand new downloaded copy in the folder
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Blank page after Install v3.1.4
Posted 07-31-17, at 10:21 AM.
After you install the CMS and get a Staff ID and everything is all set-up, you need to delete the install folder.

After that folder has been deleted, you should be all good to go.

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