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[04-24, 8:20 PM] Do0dles
: anyone have vote cool down script?
[04-15, 5:30 PM] Chris
: @Benethus Please be sure to read the Shoutbox Rules.
[04-14, 11:50 PM] Benethus
: Anyone had the issue that webstore sends duplicate amount of item ingame while using RA?
[04-11, 2:31 PM] Chris
: Hi Billy.
[04-11, 2:12 PM] Billy
: Hello? Lookin forward for any staff member.
[04-07, 1:10 AM] Chris
: If you're unsure of how to download Escalation, you'll just need to go to the UCP and click on 'Download Licenses' to view all of the ones you have licensed to you.
[04-07, 1:09 AM] Chris
: Hey Orion, I checked the ACP. It appears you did manage to purchase Escalation at 8:43PM PDT.
[04-06, 8:48 PM] Orion
: I WOuld Like to Buy The Escalation Theme and Customize it a little bit for my Server but i have pay my cretid and i can't buy it..
[03-27, 4:27 AM] System
: The ShoutBox has been truncated.

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Help me for this error:
Posted 07-13-17, at 2:24 AM.

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Nevermind found the issue!:p
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Help me for this error:
Posted 07-13-17, at 2:31 AM.
Also, is it for me i dont know but your website is little laggy (yesterday was fast)

-- update :
site is loading fine now.
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Help me for this error:
Posted 07-13-17, at 5:42 PM.
Our website no longer uses a VPS, we've moved to a shared web-hosting plan due to financial issues. This move ensured a year longer in regards to the Azer CMS Project's life-span. This is why we have slower load-times sometimes, as well as being the reason on why we had to discontinue providing support via TeamSpeak 3.

I apologize that I was unable to get to your thread today, I had to sleep and then go to work. I got off work about an hour and twenty-eight minutes ago or so, so I'm just relaxing now and just saw your thread. I'm glad you did get your issue resolved, even if you had to proceed without our assistance, so I'll be locking the thread. Though, in the future, you may want to leave your problem up and post your solution or what the issue was so that way other people have a chance to see if they had the same issue or not.

Nice to see you around again as well!

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