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[02-10, 4:07 PM] Chris
: I have edited the announcement for Style/Module Hosting. This will clarify our standing against licensing.
[02-10, 11:31 AM] Chris
: I would like to remind everyone who wants to make a module or style for Azer CMS that we do offer hosting for you.
[01-19, 1:48 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 15% on your favorite styles today!

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UTF-8 Support
Posted 07-20-16, at 4:33 AM.

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how it goes with the utf8 support? i read that you said that in the 3.0 version there will be full support..
what i need to configure?
thanks! your cms is awesome btw!
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UTF-8 Support
Posted 07-20-16, at 11:59 AM.
Your question was answered in the Shoutbox, but I will quote it here in the event that the Shoutbox is pruned:

Chris (Shoutbox - 11:17PST 20/07/2016)
UTF-8 Support will not be implemented until the next update at this moment. I apologize for any inconvenience(s) this may cause you. This may be subject to change at a later time.

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