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[02-10, 4:07 PM] Chris
: I have edited the announcement for Style/Module Hosting. This will clarify our standing against licensing.
[02-10, 11:31 AM] Chris
: I would like to remind everyone who wants to make a module or style for Azer CMS that we do offer hosting for you.
[01-19, 1:48 PM] System
: [SALE] Stop by the Azer CMS Store and save 15% on your favorite styles today!

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Posted 07-01-16, at 9:33 AM.

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So this is what happens, the image shows it all:

Need help
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Posted 07-01-16, at 11:25 AM.
Please do not post threads that belong in Technical Support in the wrong forum.

This is most likely a configuration issue. Post your config with all sensitive data either removed or censored, as well as provide any details relating to anything surrounding this occurrence. This means if you have modified the CMS in any way.

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