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[V3.0] Default
Posted 11-28-12, at 10:18 PM.

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Author: Azer
Cost: Free
Source: Download


MD5: 746a635a26fc3f7691404e45384d9e47
SHA1: 05340d6afa1d59e8054914b9b0a0a5527b96e1b4

Above is the default style for Azer CMS V3.0. You can use it as your website's style, or as an example for creating your own style for V3.0. This style was designed and created by Azer, and is the property of Azer CMS. By downloading, you agree to leave proper credits, and to not modify the template or copy the content thereof, without the author's permission.

Note: Creating another source of the content included in this download violates your right to use, and is against the Azer CMS download policy.

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