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[04-15, 5:30 PM] Chris
: @Benethus Please be sure to read the Shoutbox Rules.
[04-14, 11:50 PM] Benethus
: Anyone had the issue that webstore sends duplicate amount of item ingame while using RA?
[04-11, 2:31 PM] Chris
: Hi Billy.
[04-11, 2:12 PM] Billy
: Hello? Lookin forward for any staff member.
[04-07, 1:10 AM] Chris
: If you're unsure of how to download Escalation, you'll just need to go to the UCP and click on 'Download Licenses' to view all of the ones you have licensed to you.
[04-07, 1:09 AM] Chris
: Hey Orion, I checked the ACP. It appears you did manage to purchase Escalation at 8:43PM PDT.
[04-06, 8:48 PM] Orion
: I WOuld Like to Buy The Escalation Theme and Customize it a little bit for my Server but i have pay my cretid and i can't buy it..
[03-27, 4:27 AM] System
: The ShoutBox has been truncated.

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Site Demo
Posted 10-23-17, at 7:53 PM.

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The Demo for v3.0 has been restored and is available with the Default style on display. If you would like to see another style put on Demo, please send an Email or Private Message to Chris or myself.

Going forward the v2.0 Demo will no longer be available, this version will however remain available for download. If you have any question or comments, feel free to Email or Private Message Chris or myself.

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