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[04-15, 5:30 PM] Chris
: @Benethus Please be sure to read the Shoutbox Rules.
[04-14, 11:50 PM] Benethus
: Anyone had the issue that webstore sends duplicate amount of item ingame while using RA?
[04-11, 2:31 PM] Chris
: Hi Billy.
[04-11, 2:12 PM] Billy
: Hello? Lookin forward for any staff member.
[04-07, 1:10 AM] Chris
: If you're unsure of how to download Escalation, you'll just need to go to the UCP and click on 'Download Licenses' to view all of the ones you have licensed to you.
[04-07, 1:09 AM] Chris
: Hey Orion, I checked the ACP. It appears you did manage to purchase Escalation at 8:43PM PDT.
[04-06, 8:48 PM] Orion
: I WOuld Like to Buy The Escalation Theme and Customize it a little bit for my Server but i have pay my cretid and i can't buy it..
[03-27, 4:27 AM] System
: The ShoutBox has been truncated.

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Name: Luke Schofield
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Starting February 1, 2018 through February 13, 2018, I will be leaving for vacation and will be unavailable for contact and support. During this time I will not be responding to any Community Threads, Private Messages, or Emails. I will respond to any emails / PM(s) sent / received after February 13, 2018.

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